Jaya Kolisetty

Urbana City Council - Ward 4

Consolidated General Election: April 6th

Hi, I'm Jaya Kolisetty and I am running to represent my neighbors in Ward 4 on the Urbana City Council!

This election comes at a critical time for the City of Urbana.


As the City Council is in the midst of drafting its next strategic plan. New City Council members will play an important role in determining the future funding and policy as we deal with several critical challenges. Local elections matter, and the consolidated general election on April 6th will determine who represents YOU as the City of Urbana charts it course into the future.


Urbana faces many serious challenges over the next several years. If elected to be your representative for Ward 4 on the Urbana City Council, I will propose and support policies that help our community and small businesses recover from the Covid-19 pandemic; refocus law enforcement resources to address racial bias and promote community-centered policing; provide support for individuals facing chronic food insecurity, homelessness, and addiction; and improve our public infrastructure.

I have the experience and perspective to implement practical progressive policies in Urbana. Born and raised in Illinois, I have been working to make the Champaign-Urbana community a safer and more inclusive place through my work in local non-profit organizations and the University of Illinois. I have Master's degrees in Public Policy and Business Administration. My experience managing non-profit budgets and successfully competing for grant funding will be an asset to the City Council as we deal with important issues ranging from Covid-19 pandemic recovery to infrastructure improvement.

I will represent my neighbors in Ward 4 with integrity, transparency, and compassion.

Vote for me in the consolidated election on April 6th.

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